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After several years of market experience and customer feedback, the management of "Altest" Ltd. decided to offer the end user a high-end accounts - namely, his 6-chamber system "Prestige". 

6-chamber profiles for doors and windows in this series offer better design, sound and heat insulation properties. 

"Altest" Ltd. set of new technologies in the development of the system, while it removed the unnecessary loading items from the series. 

The new 6-chamber system "Prestige" is mainly intended for foreign markets - countries with cold climates such as Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Siberia and more. We can guarantee our customers excellent quality profile since before placing series of market tests were made in several independent foreign laboratories for the compressibility factor profile, as this is a major factor for the countries located in colder climate zones. The test results gave final opinion that the new 6-chamber PVC system "Prestige" is very suitable for such weather conditions and even the experts recommend putting just such a profile, especially since the heat insulating qualities are excellent. 

Furthermore, the compressibility factor, the profile was tested for heat resistance in the ift Rosenheim, Germany.

In addition to its outstanding thermal insulation qualities Profiles Series "Prestige" is distinguished by the fact that they are resistant to wind, rain, corrosion, moisture, dust, and UV-rays. Specially designed drainage channels do not allow water to penetrate profile and moisture and condensation. Also not specific vibrating material from which the profiles are made KMG generally made profiles suited for building hospitals, schools and office buildings! 

Bet on the quality, comfort and class to your home or office with the new system "Prestige"!

Technical characteristics
class 5A
Wind resistance
class С2
Load capacity of protective devices
class 4
Weighted sound reduction index
34 dB
Thermal transmittance
U = 1,37 W/(m2.K)
Air Permeability
class 4


Certificates for Prestige
Certificate - "Prestige"
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